The Return

If you have read my article over the whole experience with Ryanair, on this post, I will explain you how Freebird came into my life.

After leaving Ryanair, I started to look for a job. It took me around 15 days to find a new one and I was pretty happy about it.
Hired by The Student Hotel in Eindhoven and working there for 7 months already, made me think I would not fly again. Happy about new job and because Ryanair was my only experience, I did not know anything else.

The thought of coming back flying was simply not in my mind, until in August 2019.

Suddenly, a vacancy was posted on Linkedin and that caught up my attention.
Did not know what to think as working at the hotel was stable and I did not see myself capable again.

After much consideration, decided to apply as I could always say no or they could say no to me.
Quickly got an answer inviting me for the interview in Amsterdam. One of the requirements was also to complete a logic test before attending to the interview, which I did.

In Amsterdam, the inicial interview was with other candidates. In total we were 8.
As common in every airline, there was an introduction about the airline, essential information and a small talk where we could talk about ourselves and answer some questions.

Since the beginning that I was extremely surprised by the treatment. Recruiters were kind, provided drinks and snacks and were open to listen to us.
I find this an important quality as besides a job, we also should choose our bosses.

Individual interview came and it felt like a good talk from beginning to end. Felt heard and seen

Few days  past the interview, I received the good news that  was accepted into the company.
To be honest, as everything went so quickly.

I was so overwhelmed that I could not believe that such a beautiful thing happened to me. That I finally got a chance to come back and maybe I was capable.

Training course was different from Ryanair. Having already experience and knowing they were recruiting cabin crew with experience, the main chance was on the aircraft type. It was a change from Boeing 737-800 to Airbus A 320.

This course is called conversion course and as the name suggests, it conversion to another aircraft type.
So, September 10, I started my new training course in Antalya, Turkey.

For future articles, I will explain how the training course went, hotel experience in Antalya but also how it was to work in a hotel in the Netherlands.

Stay with me!



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