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Besides loving my job, I love organizing spaces and I always think in ways that I can make it simple.

I find important that not only our mental state is in order, but also our homes, work, and everything we deal with. Having an organized life, helps our mental state, helps us to gain motivation and to improve.

It is very motivating for me to help others to organize their spaces, consequently their homes.

Here, in this guide/post I will write my tips, my ideas, my view when it comes to make your space, a better space. I will ask some questions and you can grab a pen to answer them, or just think about them and analyse what you can do for yourself.

  • Why do you want to organize?
  • What is your motivation?
  • What is your beginning point?
  • Are you willing to remove some things from your life?
  • Are you willing to let go what you do not use anymore?

These questions are to help you to create an idea of why it is important to you to organize. I do them in my head and follow up from there. Why do you want to organize? Why is it important to you? Think about your home. The things you have on your surrondings, check them. If possible, grab them and look at them. Ask yourself if those things/objects/clothes are really important for you. Why did you buy it? Why did you keep it? Is it still necessary to keep it? Imagine in your head alternatives. Imagine what would be your life without it and make a decision. There is no need to keep something that does not bring any utility or happiness to you.

Two very important aspects for me: Utility and affection. For me, utility comes first. I deal with utility first because I need to have things I will be using. Then, I will give place to affection. If I did not find utility for certain object or clothing I will ask myself if I do like it or not. If it is important to keep because it means something to me. If it does, there is no need to put it away.

Motivation is a very important word here. Do you know what motivation means? It comes from the latin word motere. Motere means to move. Motivation, therefore, means to do. To move. What makes you move? What makes you do? Involve this question togehter with why you want to organize and you have a beginning point. The fact you want to give an order to your life is already a reason. Your beginning point.

Choose initially a place or area you want to start. If you want to start with your wardrobe, what are the steps?

  • Open your wardrobe
  • Look and feel what is inside (Take as long as you need)
  • Take a picture!
  • Remove everything inside and place if on your bed/floor where you find better
  • Clean your wardrobe
  • Grab some bin plastic bags or other bags from your choice
  • Keep your wadrobe open
  • Turn to your pile and start checking

These simple steps can be used also in your kitchen, with your books, other clothing, garage or what you find necessary to organize.

The first step is the easiest one. In order to do anything you need to open. Without this, nothing can be done. This means you already had the courage to do something. When you look and feel you have a general idea of what is inside and you start creating ideas already. Let your mind go with your feelings.

Taking a picture is for me essential. You when you look back at that picture you will know what was before and no need to repeat that again. Also it works as a motivation when it comes to mantain your space.



Now the hard part. It is a must to remove everything. Without removing you can’t have a vision, know what is necessary or what you want to keep. Take all the clothes, shoes, belts, anything you find inside and place it in your bed or even at on the floor. Do it where it feels better for you. Leave them there for a while. As you see them there, you will have other ideas, a better conception of the amount of things you possess, your feelings will be clear and you will be deciding what is necessary or not just by seeing. Remember: Is not because it was cheap/expensive that you need to keep it. Is not because someone offered you that you need to keep it. Is not because you think you might use “just in case” that you need to keep it.

With those feelings going on, keep you wadrobre open. Not only to have a vision of the space you have, but also to clean it. Remove smells, dust, stains. Create space, divisions, what is adequate for you and to make is easy for you too. The bin bags come in handy. They are there not to use a trashing point, but for you to place inside everything you will not be using anymore. Shoes that were bought and used one time, that dress that still has the tag but you did not wanted to use because it was too pretty:” Only special occasion”. Every occasion is special. You should use what makes you feel good. Anything that has not been used in minimum 6 months, probability of being used again, is reduced to almost 0. Do not wait until you gain that weight, or lose that weight. If you gain or lose, most likely you will have to adjust, therefore, spend some money. By putting them in a plastic bag to donate, you will be doing other people happy. If your intentions are to sell your clothes. That is absolutely valid as well, as you will be creating your own money and it is always useful. Make sure you investigate where you can sell and not lose the opportunity.

As you check piece by piece you can decide if you will keep it or not. Imagine combinations, places you can use, someone you can give or any other option that is in your head.

Stablish priorities, feel what you have, observe the space and have action on it.

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