Flying Tips for Future Cabin Crew

This post is merely tips from me. What I do and what I did and what I think and know it works for me. People will do different, but many of the things I do is because I tried them before and they worked fine for me. These tips are mainly upon you applying or already working for Ryanair, but also general ones.

They might not be in order of event but things I used to do and I advise to everyone.

  • Have passion. It is very easy to choose this profession; even easier to work because of money and “glamour” lifestyle. But that decision should be taken with passion.
  • Leave your problems at home. As soon as you put the uniform, leave your problems behind. No problem should be big enough that will distract you from your duties.
  • Hang your uniform every day. If it is dirty, wash it, spin it one more time (it will reduce the wrinkles) and hang it. Hang it in the bathroom. The steam will help even more to reduce wrinkles.
  • If you are required to take your food to work (in Ryanair you have to take everything with you) prepare it the day before and keep it in the fridge. To make it handy, buy your own lunch box and use it together with your crew bag.
  • Your crew bag must have all in handy, basic things to be used in case of emergency and extra paper work. Don’t use your crew bag for anything else. Your crew bag is only for work. Keep the things you need there and don’t move them. Like keeping double. This way, you gain time, you do not need to pack every time or unpack.
  • Dedicate one day a week to take care, review, iron, substitute the items of your crew bag, wax your shoes, replace/substitute old items and place new ones.
  • Keep the last things you need to put on close to the entrance. Shoes, blazer, jacket, scarf, ID, crew bag and hand bag.
  • Do not use same hand bag as your daily hand bag. Use one specific for work and keep passport, ID, airport ID always there. When you move things from one side to another, the probability of losing the documents is bigger.
  • Set up alarms to control your time. If you need to be at the office at 10am, set up alarms from waking up to the moment you want to be ready. Do not put the alarm for the moment you want to leave the house. Put the alarm 15 min before you want to leave the house. If you want to leave the house at 09.00h you put the alarm at 08.45h. These 15 min are very important to make a review if something is missing or not.
  • Use compression tights. Tights from the pharmacy. They cost more and are harder to dress but they will make your legs stand up for longer.
  • Dedicate each day after your duty, to prepare for the next day. You might be super tired, but take 1 hour to hang uniform, prepare food, leave everything in place.
  • This will sound cliche, but drink water whilist flying. You will become swollen quickly and water will keep you hydrated.
  • When ironing, iron all your uniform pieces. Not only one, but all. If you do not like ironing, buy a steamer machine.
  • Keep spare clothes in your crew bag. Aviation is always changing, therefore, pack for one day at least.
  • Put your make up before your uniform. Make up will make your uniform dirty anyway, so avoid the best you can by putting make up and then uniform. That works for men too. Trim, wash, brush your teeth, before uniform.
  • If you like ponytail, avoid messy ponytail. Make sure your hair can survive for at least 12 hours. Use gel and hairspray. Many people will say it is not good, but when your hair is not messy, you save time in the aircraft by avoiding going to the toilet to fix it each hour. When you get home you can wash and on your days off you let it wild.
  • Keep spare tights in your crew bag. Do not use your tight until its almost destroyed. That is not grooming adequate. When your tight is not good anymore, put another.
  • When doing public annoucements, do not glue your mouth to the interphone. Give distance and speak slowly.
  • When having heels, buy those that you can be 12h on top. If you have the time to change, change for flats, but always choose shoes (even with heels) that will give support to your ankle. Thar serves for men too. Do not be uncomfortable in your shoes. Use it before and have a small heel to balance your body. Remember your feet are carrying your whole weight.
  • Always carry disinfectant with you. One for your hands and other for the bathroom. Do it every time you go to the bathroom.

20 simple tips that might help you and give you ideas for more. Maybe I will be creating tips part 2 as I remember more.

Stay Tunned!

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