How does it work my consultancy programme?

Having almost ten years in aviation and twenty in customer service, I believe I have much to teach and share.

Having so much knowledge about aviation, I decided that It would be a good idea, to share that knowledge.
When I joined aviation in 2012, I had no idea of how things would turn up, but mainly, I had no idea if I was ready or not. In fact, I do dare to say that, I was not ready. I did go to some recruitment days, but it did not cross my mind all the workd and preparation behind.

I barely knew the companies. I did’t read about them. In fact, for my first airline, I only knew they were hiring. Never searched, informed myself with anyhting from the airline.
However, I knew I was ready. What I did not know is the hard work behind the scene. And that was something I had to take care.

Working in aviation is amazing. I trully love it and once you are in, you are in. It will never go away from you. You might leave the company or stop flying, but it will be attached to you forever. I feel it is like riding a bike: you never forget how do it.

On this post, I want to share with you how does it work my consultancy. It is very simple and because I was in position of not having knowledge and preparation, this is exactly what I am offering to future cabin crew.
Here it follows:

  • English practice. English is not my first language either, but together we can go further and practice.
  • Verifying which airlines are hiring. In times like these, hopes aren’t up, but you can see already some movement.
  • Verify if you have all the requirements to apply
  • Prepare you for your interview with zoom sessions where we simulate an interview.
  • Helping choosing your outfit; what is best to wear, but also knowing the adequate dress code if the interview is online.
  • Grooming and etiquette.
  • Review from your CV and helping you to create a motivation letter.
  • Check your documentation in order to confirm if you have all available.
  • Study sessions via zoom; before, during or after the course.

All of this and much more is included in my programme. They are all zoom sessions with settle days that includes work from the candidate and full dedication from me.
They are all individual sessions; some exceptions might be applicable if there is more interested people in certain subjects and always aiming for the comfort of the candidates.

What if you are a cabin crew already?
Well, then I can still help you practice your english with real situations, study sessions for recurrent, practice for public announcement, understanding human factors and anything you find necessary to be clarified.

Did I convice you already?
Send me a message and let’s talk!

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